Electric generators

Electric generators

Generators are used to convert mechanical or kinetic energy into electrical voltage bands, also known as voltage. There are

.many power generation applications that require the use of generators

The first generators were created direct current (DC), but were later replaced by alternating cheaper and more efficiently.

.(Almost all power plants use generators (AC

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Prices of generators in Egypt

Whether you need electric power for your home during an emergency, at a powerless workplace, or in your car’s garage for your electrical appliances, you can trust the portable power of generators from the Italian company.

.We have portable generators that you need to keep things going normally

When purchasing or renting generators in Egypt, choose from long-lasting heavy gas generators that constantly provide the energy needed to accomplish the task. You can also pick up accessories such as a manual transmission switch or a generator head that works with

.a belt.Get the generator or accessories you need at discounted prices through our compan

Import Generators in Egypt

Before knowing the importers of generators in Egypt, it is necessary to know some of the things related to generators of all kinds. These are

:essential for any generator

The motor is the mechanical input source of the generator. The engine size is directly proportional to the maximum output

power the generator can provide. There are many factors that you should keep in mind while evaluating your generator

engine.So when purchasing generators, you should consult the engine manufacturer for complete engine operation

:specifications and maintenance schedules, and other things such as

(A)   Type of fuel used – Generator engines operate on a variety of fuels such as diesel, gasoline, propane (in liquefied or

.gaseous form), or natural gas)

.Smaller engines usually operate on gasoline while larger engines operate on diesel, propane, propane or natural gas. Some generators can also have dual feedings for both diesel and gas in dual fuel operation mode

B) OHV engines compared to non-OHV engines. OHV engines differ from other engines in that the drive’s intake and pull

valves are located at the top of the engine cylinder instead of on the engine block.OHV engines have many advantages over

:other engines such as

Compact design •

Simpler operation mechanism •

Durability •

Electricity generators for sale in installments in Egypt

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.The Egyptian Italian Mazaya company is the leading company in Egypt for ten years in the entire Egyptian market

The company sells generator and manufactures and markets standard generating sets ranging from 1 kVA to 1000 kVA, which meet all

.energy requirements

The Italian company also has advantages in putting its engineering expertise into practice to meet the most specific requirements by providing advice and expertise to all

In addition, there are many companies that are paid by installments for all kinds of generators in Egypt, so we advise you

:about the components of the generator are as follows

• The engine

• Generator

• Fuel system

• Voltage regulator

• Cooling and exhaust systems

• Lubrication system

• Battery Charger

• control Board

• Main Assembly / Framework

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Electrical Generator Companies

There is no doubt that the generators companies that provide all kinds of generators are working to provide all the conveniences in modern life (such as heat, central air, cooling and communications) When power cuts, our life and our businesses can suddenly stop

So what protects you are the generators that work on automatic standby when power outages, and restore power within seconds of power outages, so you can get peace of mind and the energy you need

So you have to choose the best power generators in Egypt to get a good type helps you to continue life as is the nature of non-stop or sudden failure

Prices of generators silent

Caterpillar's new diesel generators raise the level of residential and commercial light diesel generators. 
At the same time, the prices of Caterpillar generators or silent generators are low compared to the old ones where the prices of generators are high
The Caterpillar Diesel Protector Series features Code Ready, a set of pre-designed options and a range of codes, so you can feel confident that your generator will be able to comply with the required local codes.
And for the best prices of silent generators can contact us, we have a variety of product and are able to provide more for the many projects and participate in lighting your life.

Prices of electricity generators

Before we talk about the prices of generators in general and the prices of electricity generators Caterpillar, you have to recognize the advantages of this type of generators so that you can compare prices


Characteristics of Caterpillar Generators


Easy installation and service: external display window for easy check of generator status and breaker position / removable

.doors for ease of service and access to fuel filling

.Electronic control device in the portfolios for accurate response to load and voltage (+/- 1%) and frequency regulation

 The Caterpillar diesel generator has a self-test weekly mode that operates at fewer cycles per minute, is quieter and

.consumes less fuel

. Long-term warranty period: Generators have an adequate warranty period

. Code Ready

 Provides compatibility with a variety of environments through its ability to operate in all environments, with external

.ventilation and packing

Double wall base tank is included in the UL / CUL lists; the generator is listed in the UL / CUL 2200 list

 and a wide range of blades


• Lower oil level automatically protects the engine from damage. 

• Provide covered ports for extra protection from the environment and rough working conditions.
• Heavy-duty, non-flat wheels are easy to carry. 
• The additional battery charger socket keeps the battery charged and ready for extended periods of time. 
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Because this type of generator is operating longer, it requires periodic maintenance so that it can verify that all components are fully operational.
 It is important to pay attention to the generator engine, maintain it and soften it, because it will work continuously for consecutive hours 
and needs this care to maintain its efficiency.

Diesel Generators are a type of generator that has the advantage of being more economical and suitable for situations where the main assumption is to supply energy efficiently and 
efficiently to high forces such as the case of large industries.

Before you get a generator, you should think about some assumptions, including generator maintenance and the

best prices of generators and sales companies in Egypt, to be fully aware of what you need after the completion of the process and the start of operation.