Renting generators

Renting generators

Companies renting generators in Egypt are many and many because of the high demand for the rental of generators especially for use in the work sites, and large companies on the scene now the Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company, which proved its position in the field of rental of generators, but recently the strength of its partners and stability in the rental of generators have been confident to Lots of customers.

تأجير مولدات

Renting electricity generators in Cairo


  • Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company, established in the beginning of 2009, in order to serve our customers and develop the market through the provision of high-efficiency equipment.
  • The company has professional engineers who are highly experienced in the industry and also provide competitive prices for all types of generators, whether the rental or sale of generators.


  • We work through the company to provide the latest generators for rent and use in your workplace, we provide you to rent Japanese generators manufactured and guaranteed to work for a long time and high speed and accuracy in performance.

We have all kinds of generators for rent and sale, which vary in capacity from 25 kVA to 2300kVA.

We have been working in renting generators for a long time ago and all our generators of the American and Japanese models, which is one of the best generators in the world in power and the ability to mute the noise with high capacity.

Diesel generators in Egypt are many and varied, but in the Egyptian Italian company, we are distinguished by the work of highly experienced technical experts and engineers working for many years in the field of rental of generators and the ability to provide you with all the information that helps you to rent the appropriate generator for your project not for the purpose of renting a generator Just but for Our vision is based on customer acquisition and efficiency through professional work.

 If this is the first time you to rent a generator or have been familiar with such work before, our team is here to make it easier for you to choose the right generator for your project.  We do all the heavy lifting to get your project out of the ground and fully support it. We have been energy experts for a long time and are aware of the nature of projects in Egypt and the necessary generators for rent for periods that may be long. Rental of generator methods  If you are a member of a health, residential or commercial project, you are looking for a rental company. All you have to do is contact the Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company, to get the best diesel generators and enjoy a great attention until your project is completed through a distinguished team capable of covering all stages of operation.

Generators for rent in Egypt One of the best companies in the rental of generators in Egypt Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company, which has many advantages in the rental and sale of generators is a company specialized in the rental of diesel generators, and the sale of all generators of various kinds and capabilities, but the engineers of the company are specialists in solutions for all energy And fits with your project.

One of the most important generators in our company is Caterpillar 1000KVA, which is one of many generators but differs from them in its ability to manage a large residential project and works with full strength to encourage you to complete your project without complaint of any malfunction that may face it is specifically designed to carry the work for long hours through Its ability to pump electricity to complete your project, whether commercial or tourist, to the fullest.

Characteristics of generators

  • All our generators have spiral compressors and rotary motors powered by diesel engines.
  • High efficiency electric motors provide low cost air in any flow and pressure.

Rental of electricity generators project

Caterpillar 1000KVA is one of the generators located in the company, which is the most appropriate in your new residential or commercial project and we offer the product Caterpillar 1000 through the processes of renting or selling generators to ensure the continuation of work and without anyfailures, we have many generators whether for rent or sale.

If your project is based on the use of generators in the wells of the farms or small administrative buildings, all you have to do is contact us to help you choose the appropriate generator, which bears enough for a long time with the benefit of mute and non-inconvenience.

تأجير مولدات

Rental of electric generators


To get compressed diesel and electric high pressure generators, rent what you need – and get the expertise to handle everything from generator support and choice to delivery and installation.

 We offer solutions for all your needs, no matter how large, complex or urgent.

Electric generators

Our generator rental is highly available; we offer a comprehensive fuel management service at competitive prices, so you do not have to worry about refueling.

Our usual deliveries are on time and will keep us on delivery of your business in due course.

 Since its establishment in 2009, the company has been working to provide the best generators for leasing in order to ensure the speed of work and achievement and deal with customers with great confidence, so the company is keen to provide the rental of generators of all kinds to suit the needs of customers.

Ownership and previous business Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company is a company specializing in the rental and sale of power generators of all types and abilities.

It has a full team of engineers and technicians at the highest level of professionalism.

Specializing in all energy solutions and in line with your project, the Egyptian Italian company has participated in many national projects most notably;

  • Cairo University – Saft El- Laban, Al Mokawloon Al Arab.
  • Qatar Towers Corniche El Nil, Al Mokawloon Al Arab Union.
  • Regional Ring Road.

Companies rent Egypt’s generators are many and varied and you can choose from them, but we recommend that you choose a company that has a team of follow-up technicians who are working on supplying you with all the information on how to choose the appropriate generator for your project in addition to it helps you through the project to cover all aspects and notice engine failures from time to time.

To find out the latest news, follow us on our Facebook page or call our numbers. If you need to rent a generator to start your project immediately, do not hesitate, one of our team will get back to you and collect all the information about your project and guide you to choose the right generator for your project.