Sale of generators

Sale of generators

Looking for selling generators for sale or rent we at the Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company We provide you with a wide range of generators and new and used engines for potential buyers in the market

If you want to use a new engine and / or generator

.In order to start your venture you must take a number of factors into consideration, many of which are included in this article

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New generators

As the same case in purchasing of a new car, the first reason to buy a new generator is the fact that it comes with a standard manufacturer

warranty. The length and conditions of each warranty vary considerably but usually between one and two years.Depending on the intended

.useful life of the generator and / or engine these guarantees do not result in a significant increase in cost

Depending on size, manufacturing and manufacturer, there may be long waiting time or limited availability, so additional time is often

.required to calculate this, especially on large generators

New generators can be the best way in some cases and as with any heavy equipment you simply need to evaluate all the pros and cons of

.your position to determine the best option for your needs

Used generators

Although they do not usually come with a guarantee, it is extremely helpful to buy rebuilt diesel engines and use used power generators for

:several reasons. One of the key elements is

Generators used with low engine hours are often available at very attractive prices, far below the high retail prices of new units. •

It is also possible to save up to 50% or more by getting the generator used for an hour instead of a new generator•

Another major benefit of selling generators and buying a generator is the fact that they are readily available and can be purchased and installed very quickly. There is no waiting due to limited time available and factory deadlines and you can simply buy it and ship it immediately, shipping vendors will include the unit cost

.Since most brand name generators manufacture industrial power equipment, the risk from the user is negligible

Power generators are designed to operate for a long time as necessary, so that the generator is always in a state of special readiness when it is most needed (as in case of power failure)

Depending on the longevity of the unit, you can know the good generator if used, and whenever possible, finding generators that were previously used only for emergency backup or standby power is the best way to buy a new generator

Tips for Selling Generators

The backup generators are only turned on when the primary power is low. Not many of these engines are used at all, and they have a long, maintenance-free life.

The only real drawback in the sale of used generators and used generator blades is that it was owned and used by someone else.

So it is likely that you will have to follow the vendor’s word regarding the use, history, current status of the generator and the engine.

It is therefore important that you always think before you hire Egypt generators to buy from a reputable company with the technical expertise and infrastructure to test the generator and repair / or rebuild these large industrial machines correctly

Because most known sellers will test all generators used for loads in different ways, but many small individuals simply do not have the right resources at their disposal.Most tests often come with a verification certificate explaining each unit in the generator how it works.

Diesel generators used for a few hours, ranging in size from 35 kW to 2 MW, are readily available.

The low clock indicates that the generator is operated for a reasonable number of hours.

.Prices are obviously significantly different based on KW or HP or hours worked by the manufacturer or KVA, etc

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Excess Generator

Surplus machines are basically new equipment that has been stored for a long time or exceeds the original requirements of the buyer and is not used.

Sometimes surplus generators are sold by individual companies, dealers, distributors, traders and even the military.

Companies often sell surplus to liquidate their excess / unused stock and convert assets into cash.

For example, if the company received 15 generators with a capacity of 200 kilowatts in bulk, and only required 10 generators, the five surplus generators are likely to be sold because they do not need additional units.

.If you can get a surplus generator at a reasonable price, it is often one of the best and smartest purchases you can make


Sale of generator and end of generator are the points that determine the softness of the voltage available from the generator•

These are essentially the endpoints of the generator. The ends play the most important role in voltage regulation•

The efficiency of generator ends becomes more important in cases where sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, is used•

Used generator ends are available for all specifications

As usual, you can lower your costs by selecting the end of the generators used on new ones •

As a primary reference, the diesel engine and generator end up with the so-called generator set •

Rebuilt Diesel Movements

Another option to consider when buying an engine or industrial generator set is whether to think about a rebuilt diesel engine. Restored engines go through a rigorous process that eventually produces a new product that is similar in most cases and can be one of the most cost-effective ways to save money, to give you an idea of ​​what routinely entails rebuilding

During engine reconstruction, the entire engine core is dismantled and all parts are cleaned in a chemical container •

Engine parts are sent for testing, inspection and reconstruction. This whole procedure is very detailed and engaging•

New vs. Used

In short, it is clear that the generator and / or engine used, rebuilt, or surplus can provide much greater value for your money, and therefore should always be considered. However, as with any major industrial / commercial purchase, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration and weight before making your final choice

If you’re still unsure and want to talk more specifically about your specific situation or needs, contact us and one of our knowledgeable technicians or sales representatives will be happy to help you hire well-made generators