renting generators

renting generators

­­­Renting generators is now become easier with Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company, which is specializing at handheld power at the work places for any period, we are working on fixing our enormous scale from rented generator in a very good way, and we are covering a group of power which can be supplied from 5KVA to the maximum requirement of power you need.

Our mission is to rent generators and providing a very good and professional service, we can also provide you the suitable solution which you need; we offer also a full management to your project and a certified troubleshooter on demand to guarantee turning the generator on safely.

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Renting electric generators at Alexandria

Available renting services Egypt we are working in energy field from a years ago, we have many generators which we can operate a whole factory ,all you can do is starting your own factory and let the energy matter to the Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company

We have all required instrument from generators to operate Structural Trailers, Tower Cranes, Workplace Tools and Lighting and any other power needed.

Power generator renting in Giza

We offer a completed group of renting generator the power Sound off and Swedish-made power, to meet the needs of any project of any size, including mobile power cable, distribution panels and transformers. The Egyptian diesel companies are confident in their flexibility through their work.  The Egyptian Italian Company has the advantages of one of those companies that have gained great confidence from its customers because of its ability to cover any project of any size by supplying the best types of generators and supplying it to start immediately in your project, whatever its size.

Renting generators at Egypt

While renting the generators, it is necessary to know that the lowest generators of the Egyptian Italian company have the advantages of 8 cylinder, engine motor and insulator to remove the fumes abroad, to preserve the population areas by using sound generators and insulated with insulation, in order to preserve our living areas. Electric generatorsIn the industry field we find where we are working to provide temporary energy for refineries, factories, oil workplaces, industrialization and any other need for industrial energy. For important events, do not forget that, we offer rental of power generators and full electric distribution for outdoor festivals, concerts, weddings and special events.

We are working to provide private generators starting from 45k up to 1000k in order to participate in concrete work sites, farms and all projects that need constant energy without interruption.We have a great experience in the field of renting generators, selling and maintenance of generators with all capacities from 5KVA up to 2000KVA. We have all the special prices according to the capacity of each generator and the length of work. We have a specialized team of engineers and technicians for maintenance work throughout Egypt 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Generators companies

One of the reasons for the failure of the diesel generator system is the lack of fuel maintenance. Therefore, the Egyptian Italian Company is keen to provide a fuel program to protect the diesel power system and the continuous maintenance of generators to maintain its ability to operate efficiently. If you need help to buy or rent generators or maintain your equipment, contact us and don’t hesitate, there is one thing you should know is that you need reliable equipment to complete the work, and that’s what you will find with the Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company. Rental of generators 2019 The generators in the Egyptian Italian Company are characterized by excellent voltage regulation, specially designed to prevent the noises, and the presence of an automatic shutdown system for safety and security.We have a large fleet of diesel generators and natural gas for rent in our facility. Some highlights of what we offer include;

Industrial, construction, oil and gas, commercial operations and emergency rentals, we have the largest set of generators that are fully tested and repaired.

Do not get upset when the lights go out and the power outages due to weather, power failure or any other problem – our generators are there for you.

You can rent generators for short or long term periods at competitive prices. Rent a generator is a service your company can get if you cannot buy a generator right now, so the option of renting a generator is the perfect solution for start-ups and ongoing projects. One of the questions we might ask is the length of the generator’s work cycle. Will the generator run a single shift, a double shift, or 24 hours a day? These questions are important to choose a suitable generator for your project and help you to choose the generator with the ability to suit the size of the project.

Just renting a large generator does not mean it is suitable for all aspects of the project. We recommend that if you have a large work site, it makes sense to have multiple smaller generators distributed across different areas of the work site.Another service you can take is: delivering the generator in less than four hours, upon request and availability

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Selling Electricity generators

If you need temporary energy and renting generators to get extra power for your business or future project, there are many things to consider before renting a generator. This is focused on the main theme and unfortunately everyone has often ignored it: Power Distribution – Determine the best way to connect energy to the points you need and know which generators needed by your project.

    How to choose the right generator for your project The best solution for the needs of power generators is often determined by helping our company’s representative local power generators hire you based on several things you must answer:

  • Where will the generator be located and what is the distance from the preferred generator starting point to the electrical connection point? Answering this question can help you determine the lengths of the power cable needed for your temporary energy need.
  • What is the voltage to operate the electrical loads? Rental generators are often operable in large areas, which mean they have a specific voltage switched to save energy for the most voltage applications. In some cases, a transformer may be needed to provide the required voltage.
  • These things help the company to rent the right generator for your project and work to provide it to you without complaint of the inability of the generator or other complaints that we may hear about.
  • We are keen to solve all energy problems of your project or your business by providing the latest sound off generators to work without noise, renting a generator from the Egyptian ItalianMazaya Companyby contacting us.