Renting generators with the cheapest prices in Egypt

Renting generators with the cheapest prices in Egypt

The Egyptian Italian Mazaya company, which has been working in the field of renting generators for more than 15 years, we have learned the manufacture of generating equipment generating energy and now we want to transfer this knowledge to you.


So join us as we explore many aspects of the generator industry, news, hot topics, common problems and everyday situations we face while working on the purchase and sale of industrial and commercial generators through the site of the Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company of renting generators at the cheapest prices in Egypt.

ايجار المولدات الكهربائية بارخص أسعار مصر

How to Rent Diesel Generators

Egyptian Italian Diesel Generators is a leading provider of power generation solutions in Egypt that has been operating for more than 15 years in supplying, installing and operating power solutions throughout the country.

The Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company is located in Giza specializing in the rental of generators with the cheapest prices of Egypt diesel generator sets that provide reliable energy, innovative design and peace of mind, which helps you to rent diesel generators of all kinds and for all projects according to the strength of your project and its magnitude.

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Thanks to the strength of the high quality products we provide to all customers in Egypt and abroad, the Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company has the advantages in marketing many industries in the public and private sectors, including factories, telecommunications, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, mining and non-governmental organizations.The accumulated capabilities and experience accumulated over decades have given the company the first choice in energy solutions from the initial stages of load and design requirements to installation and operation.

The Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company also prides itself on maintaining a culture of customer commitment throughout the product life cycle and beyond by providing ready-made solutions, excellent maintenance services and high levels of original spare parts.

What are the prices of diesel generators in Egypt before talking about the

ايجار المولدات الكهربائية بارخص أسعار مصر

Prices of diesel generators in Egypt 2019

, it was necessary to know how diesel engines work in order to be aware of and trust in the hands of the engine, especially in the absence of an operating administrator.

?How does a diesel engine work 

.The difference in diesel engines lies in the type of ignition, while gasoline engines ignite a spark •

.Diesel engines use pressure – ignition to ignite fuel •

.The air is pulled into the engine and subjected to high pressure that leads to high temperature •

.This produces a very high temperature in the engine, much higher than the temperature achieved in the gasoline engine•

.At peak temperature and pressure, the diesel that is inserted into the engine is ignited due to the extreme temperature •

In the diesel engine, air and fuel are pumped into the engine at different stages, instead of the gas engine where a mixture of air and gas is provided. Where the fuel is injected into the diesel engine using an injector while in the gasoline engine, carburetor is used for this

purpose.In the gasoline engine, fuel and air are sent to the engine together, and then pressed. The air and fuel mixture limits the fuel pressure and thus the overall efficiency. The diesel engine only presses air, and the ratio can be much higher. The diesel engine presses

14: 1 to 25: 1While the gasoline engine has a pressure ratio between 8: 1 and 12: 1 After combustion, secondary combustion products are removed from the engine through the exhaust. To start operating during the cold months, additional heat is provided through the “glow plugs”

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Egyptian Italian Company Advantages One of the oldest companies in the field of diesel generators for many years working in the Egyptian markets, have the experience enough to make you feel safe at first glance to choose the appropriate diesel generator for your project in addition to know the most important advantages of diesel generators and the most important specifications of rent generators cheaper Egypt

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Mazaya diesel engine

:Many diesel generators in Egypt are more efficient and preferably compared to gasoline engines for the following reasons

•Modern diesel engines have overcome the disadvantages of previous models of high noise and maintenance costs. It is now quiet and    requires less maintenance than comparable gas engines

There is no ignition because the fuel ignites automatically. Lack of spark plugs or spark plugs reduces maintenance costs •

The cost of fuel per kilowatt is less than thirty to fifty per cent of the cost of gas engines  •

A refrigerated diesel unit operates at 1800 rpm for 12,000 to 30,000 hours before any major maintenance is necessary. The water cooled unit usually operates at 1800 rpm for 6,000 to 10,000 hours before maintenance.

Therefore generators must be maintained continuously.The hottest gas units burn out of diesel units, and therefore have a much shorter life compared to diesel units

Applications and uses of diesel generators

. Diesel engines are commonly used as mechanical motors, power generators and portable drives •

.They have found widespread use in locomotives, construction equipment, automobiles, and countless industrial applications.•

.Their world extends to almost all industries and can be observed daily •

Industrial diesel engines and diesel generators have many applications such as construction, marine, mining, hospitals, forestry, communications, underground and agricultural applications

Power generation for primary or backup power generation represents the main application of current diesel generators.

Check out our article when looking for different types of engines, generators and common applications for more examples of how diesel generators work

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Diesel or generator sets, in an infinite number of industrial and commercial establishments. Generators can be used for small loads, as in homes, as well as for large loads such as industrial plants, hospitals and commercial buildings. They can be either primary or backup power sources. They are available in various specifications and sizes. Diesel generator sets rated between 5 and 30 kW are used in simple household and personal applications such as recreational vehicles

. (Industrial applications cover a wide range of energy classifications (from 30 kW to 6 MW•

.Used in many industries all over the world. For home use, single-phase power generators are sufficient•

.Three-phase power generators are primarily used for industrial purposes•

.Diesel engines can be either two or four cycles and are selected according to the mode of operation •

Engines that are cooled by air and cooled liquid are variables that are selected appropriately. A liquid cooling generator is preferred because it is quiet in operation and controlled at an equal temperature

Renting the generators with the cheapest prices Egypt find in the Egyptian Italian Mazaya company where appropriate prices and good handling