Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company

Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company

The story of the Egyptian Italian company begins since its establishment in 2009 in order to serve the customers and develop the energy market and provide the equipment with high efficiency and better quality through highly trained teams and technicians working to deal with the most accurate generator problems

The Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company has the experience because of a long lasting more than ten years, and the ability to give in the most difficult circumstances

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The company’s works

The Egyptian Italian Company was founded in 2009 as a small company, and today it is the first supplier of power generation equipment for commercial and industrial customers in all its customers, in order to provide quality control,

100% has made us a leading generator sales and leasing company and a well-established supplier of engineering, maintenance and repair services.

The Egyptian-Italian Company has worked in many development projects in Egypt, in which it participated strongly

  • Cairo University, Saft al-Laban
  • Qatar Towers Corniche El Nil.
  • Ready-made Concrete Plant for New Administrative Capital.
  • Regional Ring Road.

The objectives of the Egyptian Italian Mazaya company

  • Communication We encourage open and effective dialogue through the exchange of ideas and solutions through all levels of our company and our customers.


  • Accountability We are personally responsible for fulfilling our obligations.• Integrity we believe that in order to be successful, it is essential to work at the highest levels of honesty, responsibility and trust.• Teamwork we succeed because we help our colleagues succeed in a collaborative, supportive, creative and fun environment.• Customers satisfaction we aim to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the highest quality products and customer service.

Vision and core values

  • Our mission is to provide global energy products: The Company is a leading company among many of the leading generators in this field, strong and achieving many successes. We pride ourselves on strengthening our relationships with our customers and suppliers and we have good relations with staff and society to achieve mutual benefit and success.


  • Global energy products vision: Energy products are available all over the world. We simply do not sell generators or rent, but we offer final solutions to ensure longevity and return on investment from all your power generation equipment. Our service reputation is unparalleled. We have comprehensive programs and teams of skilled technicians and engineers and business connections with many business and industrial enterprises with the latest knowledge and technical expertise.

 :You can find out more about our services

 Preventive maintenance of all generators

Repair and inspect all types of diesel generators

Experience in diesel engine generators  

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Our customers

Thanks to our long experience in the field of generator rentals, our customers in the sectors of utilities such as telecommunications, hospitals and data centers, as well as industrial sectors such as construction, agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and agriculture , dairy products working in farms depend on our choice and our services for all power generation and Emergency case

We have an integrated service workshop, certified power generators, multiple test stations, cranes, and we thoroughly test and test all of our products. If you do not see what you are looking for on our site, do not worry, just contact us contact us online today. There are good  prospects, maybe we have something very similar or we can find it for you

Since it founded in 2009, the Egyptian Italian Group is committed to new and innovative technology and strives to develop great products to meet the changing needs of the energy industry. The company has a large customer base.

Our company is a pioneer in the construction of diesel generator rentals and stands in the prestigious Egyptian power generation sector, providing integrated electrical solutions

Our goal

Our company strives to exceed international standards of quality, durability and efficiency through continuous improvement of our systems and processes,
 and is determined to ensure the safety of our employees and equipment to maintain an accident-free environment. 
We are Egyptian citizens so we do the best to our target and our country; we commit ourselves in the company to provide our finest energy solutions. 
We are committed to design and deliver a sound-proof diesel generator set that provides an excellent solution for emergency power systems. 

Since 2009, we have been truly engaged in this field as a leading manufacturer, exporter, importer, retailer, supplier and service provider in the field of generator rental as a results oriented organization

.We do a thorough job and meet the needs of the residential, commercial and industrial sector

Company Products

All the generators available in the company have sound insulation technology and its ideal for efficient power management in various fields including small and large appliances

 Diesel generator sets provide reliability, versatility, efficiency and everything our customers want. Also due to the low noise, small size, modern design and easy installation of our generator sets, it successfully meets the needs of our global customers from the UAE and all Arab countries

We have a good range of portable generators, silent generator, commercial generator, industrial generators and others. All these generators are designed according to the standards of the central control panel in the pollution, thus ensuring perfection in all aspects. Moreover, we are actively engaged in deep work towards innovation in clean energy

Our slogan

Our slogan is the banner we raise in the company, which can be seen by all who deal with us, where the slogan is: Giving the best to the customer and to do so our products are imported manufactured on the best machines and the latest technology from all over the world, each factory is committed to the highest international standards in terms of design Products, manufacturing and testing which gives the customer a high quality product of world class

Organizational Structure

We are committed to excellence in the design and manufacture of products according to the strictest quality system that complies with the international IEC standards that add credibility and superiority to our products and services.

We play an important role through a socially responsible institution with enthusiasm for human health. For us, we attribute our success to the fact that customer satisfaction is the best, by providing continuous support and hard work, and by providing a rental service for generators at low prices. We work in the Egyptian Italian Mazaya company through continuous support from the team. They are able to provide all generators, leasing and sales

The Egyptian Italian Mazaya Company is one of the leading companies in the field of diesel engine, welding and air compressors. The company has been in the field for more than 10 years and has been keen to implement production lines which include high-power mobile lighting, self-propelled work elevators and primary and emergency generation kits

The Egyptian Italian Company encourage you to increase safety for you and your future, where you will be able to set up all your economic and commercial projects in a safe and without fear of power outages

.Renting generators with cheaper prices all over Egypt is easier with our company; all you have to do is contact for booking and inquiry